General Information

As part of our mission, we assist with rehabilitation, rescue and adoption of animals.  

We encourage holistic and natural care of animals.  We are one of the few animal rescue organizations that will coordinate adoptions of naturally-reared animals. 


We are aware of MANY animals in need of forever homes.  We work with a large network of rescue groups and rehabilitators, so please contact us if you are interested in adoption or foster care. Periodically, we will post information about some special animals and urgent situations. 

We also keep a list of people who request to be notified or matched to a specific type of animal, so please let us know if you are looking for a specific companion.    

How You Can Help

Foster and adoption homes are needed for various animals.  Please contact us if you are able to help! 

Contact us if you are able to provide a safe place and help with transitioning rehabilitated wildlife for release at your location.  

Currently Available

Cats and Kittens

We are often aware of kittens in need of homes. Please contact us for current availability. 


Adoptable dogs can be found at capital canines, at   

Lizzy's lodge, and

Adoptable greyhounds are available through

 Many greyhound and other rescue organizations need short-term temporary foster homes.  

Please contact us to determine which group would be a good match for you. 

Farm Animals

Horses, cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas 

Join the DC-Farmrescue group using any email account by just sending a mail to from your email account. 

Small Animals

 Chinchillas, degus, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats rescued from animal shelters are fostered and coordinated by  Small Angels Rescue, 


Love birds? Consider adopting or volunteering in Damascus at

Adoption events available for various animals

Contact us for details

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