Emergency Care for Humans

Emergency Care for Humans:

Mt. Airy Net (food, clothing)
Manna (food center in Montgomery County)

Safe Families (temporary foster care for children)

Haven ministry for Special Needs folks
Contact us about respite care for caregivers of special needs individuals 

Training and Education

Back Yard Chickens
Goat World
Fiasco Farm - Information and health products for goats
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Breakaway Action Dogs - dog training center in Frederick, MD
See Spot Grin - connection, cooperation and control dog training

Fenzi Dog Sport Academy - online dog training courses

Fit Hound dog training

Animal Supplies


Heavy duty dog crates for escape artists & other supplies
(veteran-owned business)

A Better Pet Har-Vest 3-in-1 backpack for dogs as well as other supplies:

Natural supplements for animals

Minerals for farm animals

Professional Services

Walkersville Vet Clinic (Farm calls and small animals)

Holistic Veterinary Healing

Germantown, MD   240-715-6570

Whole Horse Hoof Care
Patty Lynch - Outstanding barefoot trimmer 

Paul Drake, equine dentist

And Much More

We have many other contacts and resources that are not listed.  Contact us with specific questions and we will try to connect you to various resources. 

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